DeltaHedge LP. currently offers three different trading programs.

DH Nix Alpha Programs

DH NIX Alpha Program is based upon a proprietary trading method of DeltaHedge and it seeks to generate attractive absolute returns through investments in just one market: E-mini 5$ Dow Jones Industrial Average futures at CME.

The founding idea of the Program is to decline the diversification concept in Automatic Trading Systems portfolios, trading only on a single Index Futures with a multi-strategy approach.

DH NIX Alpha Program uses different strategies with low returns correlation. The Program analyses the index underlying and generates signals for each strategy independently. The set of strategies is all quantitative inspired and focuses on intraday and short term movements with price acceleration and volatility increase.

The Advisor utilizes a computerized on-line program to both monitor market conditions and to generate buy and sell signals based upon model output.

DH Nix Alpha program is also integrated with an innovative anti-noise mathematical model that runs in parallel to the automatic trading strategies on Dow Jones.

Such model is inspired by an expert hybrid long-term mathematical analysis and operates on Euro / USD Futures contract, aiming to mitigate the distortion coming from European markets.

Margin to equity is under strict control by a customized Money Management algorithm. This allows the program to achieve a reduced draw-down profile, and in turn, a lower

DH Styx Program

DH Styx Program deploys a proprietary trading method of DeltaHegde and its objective is to deliver absolute return investing in a basket of FX futures exchanged on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (AUD/USD, CAD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, MXP/USD, NZD/USD, SWF/USD, JPY/USD ) and on the ICE US (Dollar Index). 

The program deploys a five minutes contrarian strategy that seeks to ripe profit in a market where prices will swing up and down, but without an actual price movement in a clear direction. In order to exploit longer term market dynamics, DH Styx may rely on trend following strategies working on 30-60 and 120 minutes time frames.

The program is fully automated, from the order generation to the order execution. This feature removes all the operation risks linked with human intervention.


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