Trading Philosophy

DeltaHedge uses multiple non-correlated technical strategies to manage customer accounts.

The Advisor’s trading program is based on a systematic quantitative technical methodology which utilises a proprietary computerised model to generate specific trades. The Advisor maintains an expert fine tuning to discipline its mathematic approach as to implementing its trading model.

The Advisor’s quantitative model incorporates two different methodologies. Both try to select short and medium term movements with price acceleration and volatility increase.

The Advisor utilizes a computerized on-line program to monitor market conditions and to generate buy and sell signals based upon model output. The model analyses and generates signals for each asset independently of all

DeltaHedge Nix Alpha Program is focused on intraday market analysis with thirty minutes and five minutes signals and a dynamic proprietary money management.

The peculiarity of DeltaHedge Nix Alpha Program is in trading only 5$ Dow Jones futures at CME with four different trading strategies. One strategy is a price breakout based on proprietary price projection model, the second on volatility breakout and the third on “long term” cyclical wave and volatility analysis, while the last one, added in July 2017, is a five minutes contrarian strategy.

DeltaHedge Styx Program, launched in September 2017, deploys a portfolio of strategies working on different time frames and based on different mathematical models on a basket of FX futures exchanged on the CME (AUD/USD, CAD/USD, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, MXP/USD, NZD/USD, SWF/USD, JPY/USD ) and on the ICE US (Dollar Index).

The specific markets traded have been selected utilising in the same way liquidity constraints and correlation analysis in an effort to reduce portfolio risk and add diversification.

DeltaHedge believes, however, that the research and development of a trading program is an on-going process. Therefore, the Advisor fully anticipates that additional market sectors, could be incorporated into the trading program.

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